About me

I began to brick furnaces and fireplaces in 1995 when I was still studying at the School of Builders.

I work as a single master and this offers me an advantage over a big companies:

  • Direct communication with clients without any intermediaries;
  • No specific companies\' goods or production proposal(I do not have any exclusivity contracts with any company);
  • Work with production of different manufacturers and companies that allows to offer the customer the best solution;
  • All materials are purchased by myself so the client has less concerns

As I have been working for many years my experience acquired during this time allows to safely say that the fireplace can be not only an characteristic of beauty at home
From all the fireplaces I have built I would like to distinguish heating-chamotte fireplaces. These can heat all your home as chamotte fireplaces heat up quickly, maintain and release the warmth up to 2 days. This is due to the heating wall that is built inside the fireplace (the smoke does not go to the chimney immediately). Glass door is usually inserted to this kind of fireplace so combustion process in the mounth can be controlled. Chamotte fireplaces have a so called heating chamber where from the heat, travelling through the ducts, reaches the most remote areas of the house. The additional function of the fireplace, after the installation of the heating element is the possibility to heat the boiler, towel dryer and radiators. The heat of the radiator is distrubed throughcut the house. Finishing of the heating fireplaces may vary from bricks, tiles, dalles to wood and daub.

If your home is warm enough but you still desire a fireplaces as a particular of your interior - please contact me freely and iI will surely help to find a prefect solution for you or your family.